Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Biggest News in Poker

Before it went public, PartyGaming put an initial value PartyPoker on the company of around $8.5 billion. It was going to sell only 20 percent of its stock in the initial public offering. The company handling the float (Dresdner, Kleinwort, & Wasserstein) had the option to sell another 3 percent of the shares if the initial order was met, and that’s what happened. (If you live in the United States, you couldn’t buy shares.)
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Purchasing Growth Hormone in Tijuana
You are allowed to purchase up to a three-month supply of prescription drugs in Mexico for your personal use provided it is not a controlled substance hgh . Technically you need a prescription from an American or Mexican doctor. Most pharmacies in Mexico will get you the prescription for $10 to $20. You just tell them your name and they make a phone call and about 10 minutes later someone brings the prescription.

Revolution in Tijuana is no longer the main tourist and business area. As you pass the first revolving gate to cross the border, stay to the right and you'll pass through the second revolving gate in about 100 yards. As you pass through the second gate, Human Growth Hormone there is a large business square, which includes about 20 drugstores. Most people go to each one and bargain for the lowest price.
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