Saturday, December 10, 2005

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I’m listing these links not to exclude others, but because it seems like a sense of community is starting to form and I want to encourage it and I want to encourage others to become part of it by commenting on San Diego Blog and commenting on each others’ weblogs.

Alex pointed out that the next time we meet it should be at a cafe and not at a bar so as not to exclude anyone under 21. I think the highlight for most of us is that we finally met in person bloggers whose thoughts, stories, and rants we have been reading for months or longer.

Inevitably the conversation often turned to shop talk (blog talk?) as we traded tips, secrets, and tools which we use while blogging, reading blogs, and podcasting. Steve Holden has proposed that we put together a mini, local BloggerCon early next year to do exactly that.

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What popped into your mind when you first read the headlines about Viagra? Well, I thought about that, too. But as a typical, fun-loving economist I also found myself wondering how the Commerce Department would account for the wonder drug in its estimates of the gross domestic product -- and from there wandered into a reverie about the meaning of economic progress.

Government statisticians will, of course, have no difficulty slotting Viagra into their estimates of ''nominal'' G.D.P., the sum total of all the money spent in the economy. Viagra's contribution will simply be the total amount that people spend on the pills, or, equivalently, the profits earned and wages paid in the drug's manufacture and distribution. What's more, we can be pretty sure that Viagra's numbers, while music to the stockholders' ears, will make very little difference
to the national totals. The new drug's spectacular sales are small change in an $8 trillion economy. And besides, most of the spending on this new product will come at the expense of spending on other things -- say, romantic vacations and candlelight dinners.


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